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List your car show event for free!

    This is thanks to my sponsors and advertiser’s they help cover the cost of running the site!


What you need to know:

  • Link to your website / Facebook page

  • Include all your detailed information, pdf/jpeg (poster)

  • If there is no blue date beside the listing, I haven't received show details yet 

  • Mobile View has no  pdf's (this is to keep it clean and easy to read)

  • Subscribe - We will send out an emergency email if your show is canceled (please send out before 6 am)



When e-mailing your car show event, please include:


  • Event Name

  • Date / Time

  • Location! Include province and town, please remember we get updates from all over Atlantic Canada.

  • PDF / Jpeg of poster 

  • Contact Person for Questions (email or phone)

  • Website / Facebook page

  • Rain Date if you have one!


* Please remember Winnie's list is Up To Date! Send last minute changes! Cancellations, rain dates! We update site, and Facebook pages so people will have access to those last minute changes. 



To Advertise / sponsor  on Winnie's List please e-mail for details 

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